True story. Recently I moved into a new place. I love it. My husband loves it. We feel a sense of accomplishment, stepping up our game, and getting ourselves into a house. With a yard, a washer, a dryer...even a dishwasher!

There are hardwood floors which mean more sweeping but oh my gosh when it's hot outside there is nothing better than bare feet on a cool, clean floor.

The refrigerator has the option of crushed or cubed ice and I have been making margaritas. Also seven and sevens. We have ordered take-out and with the stress of moving, I have been snacking and slacking on any sort of work-out. Today I started back up and boy am I out of shape haha.

But I have a lavender bush in the front yard and I have begun drying some for friends, family. I'm excited to try to make lavender candles and even lavender simple syrup for baking. Have you ever seen the Great British Bake-Off or Cupcake Wars? Whenever a contestant tries to make a baked good with lavender, the judges usually claim it tastes like soap. I will keep you posted but debating if it's even worth it. Either way, I love the way my hands smell after working with it.

Townsquare Media/Reesha Cosby
Townsquare Media/Reesha Cosby

My mood is up and down and all around. Just like before but I do feel like my husband and I are in a better spot emotionally.

We are about a month away from our eighth wedding anniversary. The gift is bronze.

I have never really kept up with the yearly traditions but it all has to start somewhere. A dream, like being in a house instead of an apartment.

A goal, to save enough money for a downpayment or at the very least a deposit.

Check, check, and check!

I have really loved this saying lately, "be so busy watering your own grass, that you don't even notice someone else's is greener."

Stay focused on you and watch your dreams come true.

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