I am the first person to want coffee in the morning, caffeine in my veins and a song on the radio makes Sarah J a very happy girl but the calories and the money that come with splurging all the time can really take their toll so I started messing with at-home solutions and I hit the jackpot!

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Lavender Simple Syrup

When I first moved into my house one of the most exciting spots to hang was the front yard near the lavender bush. I cut a ton of it back so people could walk up the path, hung loads of it to dry, and even mailed a few bundles to friends in Oregon, New York, and Washington D.C. Way more expensive than I anticipated but it's the thought that counts sometimes, right?

I kept all the lavender buds in a jar and have used them for simmer pots in the kitchen but recently I finally decided to make lavender simple syrup and I was blown away.

Not only is it the easiest to make it's a super delicious syrup to add to your drinks, floral but soothing, not sure if that's a mind trick because I know it's lavender and that's a side effect but dang! I feel fancy and I want you to as well.

How to Make Rich Lavender Simple Syrup

4 Tablespoons of dried lavender (2 Tablespoons if you don't want it so strong)

1 cup of water

2 cups of sugar

Step One

Combine your lavender, water, and sugar and let simmer on the stove for one-minute stirring until sugar is completely dissolved and simmer for one minute.

Step Two

Remove from heat and let it steep for about 30 minutes.

Step Three 

Strain the syrup into a jar using a cheesecloth or something to catch your dried lavender buds and store in an airtight container or jar and place in the fridge and with this 2:1 version (1 cup water to 2 cups sugar) it should keep for up to 6 months!

To Make a London Fog

Boil your tea and let steep for 3-5 minutes, take out the teabag and add your half and half (you could use something to whip it if you have access), and then add your rich lavender simple syrup to taste! It's incredible and I also tried it with Green Tea, YAAAAS!

Lavender London Fog

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