For reals today I took the next step on my health journey with an assessment at Yakima Athletic Club with Tanner Dean, I mean go big or go home, right? If you don't know Tanner he is the head of all the trainers there and on his free time soaks up health and fitness knowledge plus crushes the occasional strong man competion! I don't know if I am going that route, one I am not a strong man ;) but either way I feel super pumped to have a trainer who is going to teach me new tips and tricks to achieve my latest goal, a flat stomach. Word on the street is a flat stomach doesn't just come from! But whatever I am in it to win it! :)


Goodbye belly!

Normally when I've gone to the gym I get excited about the tv's attached to the elliptical, Tanner said no. I have to pay attention to what I am doing while I am working out! What? But I listen because he's the boss and he has a point...even if my dreams of sliding through the next few months while watching shows is starting to look like a no go I am just happy to be starting something :)

I weigh-in, 177, take measurements and find out how much fat my body needs to lose. I am around 24% or something and the plan is to go to 18% oh boy here we go!

Gotta love a lil encouragement

First he just wants to see how flexible I am and what my bodies actually capable, ok! I don't have to go all out today,. Hahaha Tanner pushes me just enough to leave me drenched in sweat, there were some bear crawls and squats involved so as I head to the locker room I am very aware my legs have now turned to spaghetti!

I thought the most important meal of the day was breakfast but Tanner says it's the recovery shake you have after your work-out so I don't fight it and order myself a strawberry daiquiri protien shake, step into the 100 degree heat and continue my day.

Smoothies for days

That's how it starts. There's some anxiety, probably a bit of disillusionment about how the process will actually go but you have to start somewhere.

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