A few weeks ago I'll be very honest. I was going through a rough patch. I didn't feel comfortable and was having trouble adjusting to the current climate when my husband tagged me in a group called the National Adopt a 2020 Senior Project, a private group on Facebook.

Scrolling through all the photos of smiling seniors I realized the parents were putting their kids up for adoption. Every single story hit me for different reasons.

Tracey Sarris - Her gorgeous prom dress is hanging in the closet next to her graduation gown.


Jodi Ann - he was active in football and soccer

Having been caught up in my own worries it slammed me back to reality thinking about ALL the things these seniors won't be participating in. So, I wanted to one, invite you to adopt a senior, and two learn a little bit about why this incredible group was created.

Desiree Rayann
Raynee Leslie Branch

Raynee created this group for her beautiful sister pictured above, Desiree.

I started this when she was on life support and this has given me forever memories to cherish in her honor all because my admins and these families have generously loved one another.

Though Desiree is no longer with us, she leaves behind 10 beautiful children and a legacy that lives on through each adoption, as Raynee put it.

Truly, this group and the way it's run, is magic. I reached out to make sure it was ok that I shared the info and was given the go-ahead if I did this.

Shout-out to the incredible admins that run the page. This is a live page and 24/7 it's being updated and monitored. The group has 41,000 members and growing along with 8,241 seniors already adopted and 668 still waiting to be picked up.

You have to answer questions to get into the group but once accepted, you can scroll through and read sweet messages from parents writing about their child or the actual students themselves. You will also find gratitude posts from seniors already adopted and messages like this

Princess Airhiavbere

I'm truly in disbelief that their are so many people in our world that are absolutely kind-hearted and want to spread love during this absolutely devastating pandemic

I completely agree with Princess! My husband and I adopted a senior named Hailey out of Oregon and after speaking with her Mom a little bit we set to work building her a box of goodies. You don't have to go extravagant but also a simple card isn't what this group is about.

We were SO happy when her Mom let us know the box had arrived and how happy she was. It's neat to surprise a complete stranger. Here is what Hailey had to say

The past few days life has been getting me down and today I got a box from an amazing couple as a graduation gift. I don't know how they know me so well but they definately nailed it. They got me everything I like and I got to see my Mom who I barely have time to see.


Jennifer Wytcherley

Nailed it and here's your chance to nail it too!

This group is alive, growing, and also totally monitored and cared for by people just like you and me, trying to get down the road. It's brought so much joy to me and I continue to go on and read the gratitude posts because they are so uplifting. I have even noticed seniors from our area have joined as well!

National Adopt a 2020 Senior Project

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