Have you noticed your phone's been acting up? The moment you got it, you downloaded your favorite apps, plugged it into the charger and slowly began killing it.

You are not alone. Everyone does it. The other day I dropped my phone in the toilet. I quickly rescued it, had no access to rice so I hoped for the best and continued using it. It's water resistant, but I can't imagine nothing happened to it.

Since I was out and about I figured I'd pick the brain of a professional when it comes to phones. These suckers are amazing. They do so much for us and truly most, including myself, are not accessing the full potential of our devices.

Here is what the fabulous Victor came up with, and you (and I) can immediately start working on all of these tips.

Thank you to everyone who was able to stop by during our time at US Cellular the other day, by the way:) Totally worth it, in my opinion. :)

Until next time ...

US Cellular Winners

  • 1

    Take Control of your location

  • 2

    Switch to the dark side

    Turn down your brightness dim screen to 50% to 60%

  • 3

    Manually disable screen pixels

    You can find this under the screen settings

  • 4

    Turn off automatic wifi

    always a good idea

  • 5

    Limit apps running in the background

    Kill apps when not in use

  • 6

    Don't overcharge your phone

    Unplug it once it is fully charged

  • 7

    Using your car charger?

    Make sure you wait to plug in the car charge until after the car is on to make sure no power surges ruin your phone

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