Stepped on the scale like, wow ... proud to weigh in at 184.2 and then ride out to swoop up an iced sugar-free caramel macchiato. A big one, including some ice water because hydration is important and I am feeling fine. Why?

It's Central Washington State Fair time.

For a sliver of a second when I saw I had gained two pounds this week I went dark ... but then I acknowledged what that was: water weight, raised my palm and flicked that negativity away.

The rise and fall on the scale will happen but it's what's inside of me and how I speak to myself that really matters most. And when I pulled on my jeans and put on my shirt I praised the fact that my belly was tucked in the jeans instead of overflowing. I felt fantastic and it was a beautiful fall day. Even if I hadn't have felt on point I was ready with a gorgeous sweatshirt to hide any sausage business. You gotta be realistic.

Today if you are hitting up the Central Washington State Fair, it's being brought to you by Health Alliance of Northwest's/Senior Day and KIMA Military Appreciation Day. It's an $8 gate entry all day for 65 and over and military.

The Temptations will be hitting the main stage tonight.

I have fair tickets and entrance to any day you choose all this week at 3:10 p.m., so I encourage you to tune in and take advantage of all the winning KFFM.COM has to offer.

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