Smile through the irritation. That's one way to fight the funk.

You could wake-up and meditate first thing to kick off your morning or always make sure to chug a glass of water before drinking that first cup of hot coffee.

Routines help to keep you feeling balanced and focused so when you are coming off a three day weekend into a four day work week in the middle of a pandemic, you might feel especially off your game.

First off, you're not alone. We are all striving to get through the day with the least amount of scars. Some days you will get more done than others and some days you will be a lump on a log, all day and that is ok as well.

Whatever your pleasure is for relaxing when you are fighting the urge to continue with the bad habits after the downtime has wrapped up can come in many forms.

Take cigarettes for instance. We are dropping into the beginning of Fall in just a week or so, taking on the challenge of quitting and creating a longer more satisfying life for you and your lungs could be your jam.

I was listening to Ryan Seacrest speak about the benefits of pinching your ears when you are fighting a craving. Right now my craving has been seven and sevens with loads of sliced limes and an ice-cold sprite. I have noticed after enjoying one each day that my skin feels tighters. I haven't woken up with a leg cramp yet but I know it's coming if I don't lock it up so I might try that trick.

Enjoying yourself and treating yourself are super important parts of life but if you find yourself enjoying the entire gourmet chocolate bar instead of just one serving, maybe it's time to count to ten with me and take a chill pill.

Take on the new hobby that's been rolling around in your head and if you don't have one here are a few helpful tips to get you started

Start being aware of the habits you want to change, you could enroll friends to help fight the good fight with you.

You could leave yourself little reminders or encouraging notes in places that you would normally grab that can of soda or decided to replace the soda with a different drink.

Know that not every day will be perfect but if you are more on it than not you are already winning and even when you are not. Don't beat yourself up because you can change your trajectory at any moment.

Remember you've got this and if you'd like to share yours with me I would love to send you positive notes to keep you motivated.

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