What's the one item you can't get enough of?

For me, it's the Hippie Sandwich from Vida Health Bar.

I enjoy layers of flavor, I dig texture, color, and most importantly taste!

The Hippie Sandwich has it all and then some. I think the most surprising thing about this sandwich for me, is it's vegan. I am not, but if I were this would be a damn good place to start.

The crew at Vida Health Bar have created walnut chorizo, it's BOMB! Like, don't let it fool you bomb. They use it in their vegan tacos, another go-to of mine. They also put it in their quinoa bowl, another fav but for the Hippie Sandwich, it's an add on. I ask for it all. Avocado too because that's when we are really living life to the fullest when there's avocado involved. Healthy fat!

My Vegan Favorites

Eating healthy can be fun and it also can save your life.



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