It's that time of year again. I'd love to offer up the afternoon during these last few days off holiday time to offer up my nail colors.

I love painting my own nails and last year I offered a chance for listeners to come hang-out in the studio and get their nails done. I can paint them for you or you can do it yourself but it's always more fun when you get to use someone else's stuff.

We had such wonderful listeners donate supplies last year that I am set for a ton of different designs and ideas plus fast drying top coats and even that fancy color street.

If you are interested in booking some time it can be for you and your daughter or son, I am not putting an age limit on who comes in, I will just section the times off for every half-hour from 2 pm - 6 pm. Message me via the app, I will put together a Facebook event page and even reach out via my professional page @sarahjthedj on all social media platforms. Let's get you new look for the new year :)

Happy Holidays :)

Holiday Nails on KFFM


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