Real talk, Yakima and the surrounding areas we need to get it together! D-Rez and I are kicking-off a healthy initiative in our Valley! It's a slow and steady process but the big question is always, where do you start?

Having a support system is super important so we would LOVE for you to join us and start tracking your food with us! You can download any free app like MyFitnessPal on a FitBit (Sarah's favorite) Lose It is another app that works great.

Your first step is seeing what you are actually consuming each day, calorie wise. So enjoy your day, eat what you like and let's see what kinds of patterns show up come Monday :)

If you would like extra support and have questions Sarah J has a FREE & PRIVATE group on her facebook page called @getitrightgetittight that we would love for you to join! There is no time like the present to start switching up your habits to create a long and healthy future

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