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I'm not sure you want to know, need reminding or are even aware we've almost wrapped up a full year of dealing with the first pandemic of our lives.

The ups and downs have been real, the adjustments major and the mood...well all over the place if we are really honest.


Others are getting lost in the cracks, falling behind on their school work and not motivated to do anything. You can't blame them? At the same time, maybe there's some light at the end of the tunnel, for all of us.

If you are in need of ideas I've compiled a fabulous list of options from friends and listeners who are taking each day in stride all the while finding incredible ways to bond and give-back.

I'd love to add more ideas to the list so at any point feel free to reach out via our app

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  • Marshall says, "Try giving them access to musical instruments or painting. Inspiration to create music, art or other crafts." Little brains love projects and even older brains too, don't deny yourself that adult coloring book if you really want it. Remember Yakima Valley Rocks? There is a Facebook group for every place in the World I bet and rocks are all over the place as well.
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  • Nicole says, "working out with them." You don't need a gym or even a professional coach, YouTube and other streaming services have SO many work-out programs to choose from and Nicole mentioned, "when I’m on the side dying my daughter is telling me keep going Mom your doing great, you got this!!" Bonding at its finest while everyone gets the blood pumping is perfection. The weather is getting warmer, do you have bikes? That could be a super fun adventure to go riding on the Greenway paths, free and fun in the sun.
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  • Josephine says, "My daughters both have excelled in community service this year. With all precautions taken, my 16-y/o has developed a passion to help her community by giving her free time and youthful energy. It sparked her to want to give more of herself this year(drive thru trick or treats, delivering espresso drinks to her peers, full work of drive thru food distributions, zoom mtgs for upcoming opportunities). Now her younger sister is growing with this passion. Aside from that, its music, walking, taking drives, and some nerf guns." She also mentioned they are working on a new project, "Our next attempt at a service is to give Starbucks cards virtually to her extended family that work in hospitals, Harborview, Toppenish, and Virginia Mason." All fantastic and very inspiring. It's the little things in life that make people smile so any type of give back is going to send so much positivity into the world!
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Growing up I LOVED playing the typing games that Mavis Beacon provided. They are free for download but I also found something called Sky Chase, same concept and before you know it you're typing so fast! A great skill for everyone to have in this computer age.

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