OK! I have successfully figured out how NOT to body-shame myself ... constantly working on positive mental words in exchange for the negative ones. How's it going for you?

It's a daily struggle, but the simple fact is I need to start tracking. I've gone about six months or more without tracking, so there is something to be said about staying consistent. I say somewhat because I have gained about 10 pounds over those months. I know I like the way I feel when my weight is in the 170s, but I have to say low 180s isn't too shabby either, so I am not looking at any of this as a negative.

If you haven't tracked before, going with what's available first is a great way to start. Check your phone. Do you have a free tracker? Myfitnesspal or Samsung health? If you have a Fitbit, just use the built-in tracker. I splurged when my tracker went on sale so I could have all the back-end fancies, but honestly, in the end, you are just looking to see what you are eating on any given day.

Being honest with the good days and the bad days will eventually get you to a place where you begin recognizing how you feel on certain days. Don't stop. Staying consistent with inputting the information will sear into your brain the calorie count of different meals. If you don't want to use your phone, you could keep a food journal. It's the fact that you are acknowledging foods being consumed.

Not every day will be exact. You might be off by a handful of calories or have to make something up, but if you couple that with weighing yourself once a week you will begin to see if you need to cut back or begin working out or what! WHAT? I don't know, but that's where the Tales From the Scale come in!

Don't forget, Get It Right! Get It Tight! A FREE support group is also available. Find me on Facebook Sarah J The DJ if you would like to join.

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