I was retelling stories to my husband and he mentioned he doesn't believe in this sort of thing. Ghosts, paranormal experiences and all that jazz so I asked how is it that so many people, including myself, have experienced something that you can't explain?

The mind is a powerful thing and some things will never be explained. To each their own but if you have a story you'd like added please reach out and you'll be featured on the growing list of unexplained but memorable moments.

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Unexplained shadow

The Shadow 

My co-worker Timmy used to work overnights at the radio station back in 2007/2008 so he was alone in the building for a good chunk of his shift. It was around 4 am in the middle of summer and Timmy had a bit of time before tackling his next duty so he decided to take a walk around the inside of the building. As he's rounding the front, he see's the sun beginning to rise through the front window and a shadowy figure on the patio. At the same time it seems they notice each other because the figure takes off down the ramp faster than anything Timmy has ever seen. Thinking it was prowler or a homeless person searching for cigarette butts or something he takes off outside and runs down the ramp but no one is to be found, vanished. Timmy realizes there was nothing about this shadowy figure, no eyes, clothes or anything just a black streak. The weird part, the next night as he's loading a coast to coast AM's, a paranormal show, the topic was all about, "shadow people". Coincidence?

spinning house

Inside Jokes with Mama

Timmy's Mom passed away in 2000, she used to work graveyard shift so when she got home she would stay up watching tv in their living room, she would normally fall asleep to it but while she was around the tv was pretty much on 24/7. A few months after she passed Timmy was playing Nintendo 64 around 3 or 4 am and he decides to call it a night so he turns off everything, gets in bed and the minute he closes his eyes, he can tell there is a light on. He opens his eyes and see all the lights are back on, goes into the living room and the tv is turned on as well with the blue screen waiting for his video game to start back up. You could say power surge or a timer was set to turn it all on but Timmy had no explanation so he said out loud "mom, you watched it enough, it needs to go off now" as a joke. The TV turned off. He says he would have felt scared, but he actually had a feeling of like a warm hug, then he I felt extra tired so he laid down and fell asleep


We Miss You

Timmy said there's about five experiences his family has had since the passing of his mother and this one comes from his brother Chris. Chris was lying on his bed watching TV with their dog at the time, a cocker-spaniel named Snuggles. That dog, loved their Mom. Snuggles, stood up on the bed, and started staring at the corner of the bed (opposite of where his brother was staring). Snuggles barked a couple of times, and then her little nub of a tail started going a mile a minute. Chris thought it was weird, and he didn't see anything, but he got the impression that someone had sat down on the corner of the bed. Snuggles went towards the corner, and rolled over for belly rubs. Chris said, he felt like Mom was there, so he just started talking to her, and told her how much they all missed her.


It's Pat

When Naomi moved into a small two-bedroom house they'd set up the bedroom for their kids, yet her stepdaughter would always ask to sleep out on the couch. They weren't sure why except that she would randomly stare across the room. She never said anything to them about what she was seeing. So let her sleep on the couch for awhile thinking it was most likely just a new space and she was uncomfortable. Their son was tiny at the time, so he had not yet been in that room. When he was 10 months old, Naomi was pregnant with their youngest child, so they moved her son into the bedroom with his big sister. He would scream and cry in the room. She assumed it was because he didn’t like sleeping in a different room. As he got older, it didn’t get better. Naomi had a baby video monitor set-up in the room. Her son would wake up and run around the room in the middle of the night talking to something. Around the time her son was two years old, he would wake up crying a lot. Sometimes it would be night terrors, which was normal. But more often, he was crying and upset. One day, she asked him why he keeps waking up so sad. He was speaking in full sentences at the time, so he was able to articulate things quite well. He told her that a lady keeps waking him up and asking him to play with him. She asked him, “what lady?”. He told her that there was a lady with white hair that would wake him up and ask to play with him and he didn’t want to because he was sleepy. So out of curiosity, she asked him questions to find out more. “Is the lady young or old?” “her is old”, he said. “Why does she want to play at night?” He told me, “she says she’s my grandma” “What is her name?” He said her name is, “Pat”. Naomi told him to ask Pat if she would let him sleep at night and then, if she wants to play, she could play with him during the day. She seemed harmless so I wasn’t too worried. He turned and looked into the dining room behind him and said, “please don’t wake me up, my mommy says we can’t play at night.” We haven’t heard from Pat ever since. I did ask her in-laws about the people who owned the house before us and if anyone had died that lived here. The owner of the house was an old lady named Pat who had grandsons that she loved spending time with. The room my kids sleep in was her room. She didn’t die in the house, but she was/is clearly attached to it.

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