Wrapping up today's readings with psychic medium Melissa Henyan, I am feeling so incredibly blessed to announce our very first event! A Spring Awakening is coming Saturday, March 21, from 3-6 p.m. on the third floor above the Pita Pit and The Cantina in downtown Yakima -- 121 E Yakima Ave., to be exact.

The space can fit up to 70 people and we will have a link shortly to purchase your tickets online :)

Tickets will be $25 apiece (a bit more with the on-line charge) and can be purchased between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Mondays-Fridays at our Townsquare Media offices at 4010 Summitview Ave. in Yakima. We can take cash or money orders but no cards, please.

Our phone number for the main office number is (509) 972-3461.if you have questions or always hit me up @sarahjthedj on social media or call the studio 509-972-1073.

First come first serve and here is just a taste of what you can expect:

We would love for everyone to come dressed comfortably as we will kick the entire event off with a meditation run by local trained meditation leader Amanda. This is a time to center ourselves. So if you have never experienced a meditation, it's also a time to learn tips and tricks to quiet your mind and find a soft spot to connect with yourself and your guides.

Guides, you ask? My time with Melissa has revealed many things, one that I love is the fact we all have spirit guides. Loved ones who have passed or those we have a soul connection with who are assisting us in times of struggle and need. They are leaving us signs, but we're usually so busy most of the time we take our messages as a coincidence or just plain ignore them.

Not anymore. Melissa will not only assist us in finding our spirit guides, but show us how to decipher the messages they are sending us.

Each attendee will receive a notebook provided by Inklings Bookshop as well as crystals chosen specifically for this event provided by Three Sisters Metaphysical Arts, plus age from Soul Seeker. We will dive into the purpose of sage, how and when to use it as well as your crystals and their meanings.

There will be a chance to enjoy light appetizers provided by Vida Health Bar and our special Mermaid Tale containing spirulina from Vangoe Coffee. Make sure to grab yours soon

We're also planning a group reading, which is a chance for you to connect with your loved ones, so please feel free to bring all your questions including friends and family who are interested.

There will be a flower wall provided by Momma Fiesta where we can take photos. Melissa saus we are going to attempt to capture your orbs! I know it sounds wild, but how exciting, too, right?

If you have a certain item that you love and use as a talisman (an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck) like a rosary or your own crystal/item, you are encouraged to bring it as we will have a charging station for it while we are together.

I know it all sounds far out, but think about it: When you are in a good mood, it's contagious. So imagine a room full of people with good intentions all wanting the best for themselves and those around them. The vibe is going to be so good and that energy can be stored in your item. :)

We will provide each attendee with a bulb to plant at home brought to by Kameo Flowers as well as spring bouquets that will be given away as prizes during the evening.

Other prizes include a special spice mix provided by Fat Pastor, a cooking class for two provided by Elaina Moon from Healthy Eats Nutrition Services as well as a chance at a private reading with psychic medium animal intuitive Melissa Henyan.

Melissa and I are live every Wednesday afternoon on 107.3 KFFM, but it's only for an hour and it's not in person -- so we truly cannot wait to begin getting out and seeing you all in person.

Raise your vibe and join the tribe!

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