Remember? She got in big trouble for being a fraud.

One of the reason's I LOVE having psychic medium Melissa Henyan on the show is because she has no motives besides using her gifts to help answer your burning questions.

We all have things we wish we just knew, and shockingly our guides provide us with a lot of the answers we need, sometimes though we need someone outside of ourselves to point it out. In steps Melissa.

When psychic medium Tyler Henry had to reschedule his show at Legends for May 1st a lot of people made the joke, "he should have seen it coming" Maybe he did, we will probably never know ;) Either way Melissa has decided THIS will be our topic for tomorrow.

what you can expect from a medium

Boom. It seems so simple but if you think about it, there is a lot to this. Who are you really dealing with and what are they asking of YOU?

I trust Melissa, she's a friend so I feel confident having her in and reading listeners because I know she is dealing with good energy and not sending you all down a rabbit hole where you are required to book time with her and spend a certain amount of money.

She will go in on it all tomorrow (Wednesday, February 4th, 2020) and as always we will call in the light, ask for the greatest good and for those that need it most to join us.

You are more than welcome to ask any questions, we encourage everyone to join our live 107.3 KFFM  Facebook group reading, group is the keyword here,  it's not 100% that everyone who joins will be read but also out of the kindness of Melissa's heart, she will go back and answer more questions after the show is wrapped up. On her own time so please keep that in mind.

We have an exciting event coming up that hopefully, I will have the links set-up tomorrow but please do mark your calendar for March 21st, 3 pm - 6 pm for a Spring Awakening :)

Can't wait to connect with everyone

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