You never know what's going to happen on a Wednesday, but at least one thing's for sure. It's going to be a really wonderful day.

Psychic medium Melissa Henyan has been on a wild ride this year, joining us weekly on-air, doing her private readings and events as well as being featured in an upcoming episode of a TV show.

She sages the studio once she arrives, which I always love. It helps clear out all the extra energy that's hanging around, and as we set our intentions for the afternoon we almost always have visitors coming through from the start :)

This is for entertainment purposes, so please understand if you are searching for something in depth, you are more than welcome to book a private reading with her at any time.

She may or may not bring cards with her, but we'll try and take some phone calls -- (509) 972-1071 -- or stream from You could also download our free app and message us.

If you have loved ones you are hoping to connect with, know that if they recently passed, Melissa would ask that you wait for at least six months as the information might not be clear to you just yet.

She will not read children or people who are alive and not present as she says it's like going through someone's underwear drawer.

This is one of my favorite parts of the whole week, so make sure to remind your friends and family that today is the day. Help me spread the word and we will see you this afternoon.

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