This is always one of my favorite posts to write regarding Wednesdays and our resident psychic medium Melissa Henyan.

Just like Kelly Clarkson says, everyone has a dark side and it's so true. We don't want others knowing our darkness and honestly, we probably don't want to even go there either, but it's important to acknowledge and love all sides of ourselves. It's not an easy task, but thank goodness someone's willing to help start the process.

When I asked Melissa what she wanted to touch on this week, this was her response: "Shadow Work." I said, "Um, what?" haha

"Shadow work is delving into our dark know that song, everyone's got a dark side? well, we all do and we usually push that **** down and avoid it but we should be looking at it"

Aha :)

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

So how do we even do that? I don't know, that's why Melissa is coming in ;)

This will be our first reading of the new year, so if you are just joining us, here is how it goes.

She arrives in the studio about 4:30 p.m. and we will go on-air with our topic and also begin the live portion over on our Facebook page, 107.3 KFFM. Friend us if you have yet to do so and once we're live you will receive a notification to join. Invite anyone who has ever shown interest because the more the merrier.

Ever been curious what a dog reading looks like?

In the end, Melissa does this for a living, so technically this portion is for entertainment purposes, if you are searching for a long reading, please reach out and book a full appointment. It's a great help if you have specific questions, but she also has a famous saying, "Don't feed the medium." Ask the question, but then don't give us details until she asks for confirmation and validation.

If you follow her on social media she also provides readings, and today she asked her guides for a number for everyone that would provide the greatest good, for the needs of mankind and it was 21

We will tag each person as we read them so it helps to stay near if you are hoping to be read. While the reading is taking place we ask that you send hearts and raise your vibration. (Be nice.) No one is skipping you, she sometimes gets drawn to certain people, it means there is something meant for them. But if you are here, it means this was meant for you as well.

We will pull some cards and if you'd like to private message through our app or feel free to ask your question in the form below. I will try and put them all together before we begin.

Hoping this finds you doing well and I really look forward to having you join us :)



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