So exciting to be announcing that Thursday (Oct. 11) my guest on the show will be from Pacific Northwest University with a new feature appropriately titled, "Do you know?" For example do you know that the average age of student studying for their doctorate of osteopathic medicine (DO) degree at Pacific Northwest University is 26?

If you missed the segment check-out the live facebook video we did! CLICK HERE

What were YOU up to at 26 -- or better yet, have you reached 26 just yet? Interested in becoming a doctor? Because this program is pretty incredible. It was created by current physicians in the Yakima Valley who realized there was going to be a BIG age gap of doctors retiring and doctors coming up. Students who were from the Pacific Northwest were studying and interning, graduating and choosing their careers outside of Washington state instead of coming back and they wanted to put an end to it :)

Now successfully running since 2006, Pacific Northwest University has an incredible retention rate, along with an extremely high placement rate for doctors right here in Washington state and it is a pleasure to have these same doctors on the show to share knowledge and allow us all to have random facts to share with other people with "Do You Know!"

You'll get the chance to ask questions about what it's like to be a doctor, what it takes to become a doctor and learn so much more than just where our head, shoulders, knees and toes are located ;) Answer our "do you know" for your chance to walk away with a Fitbit!

It's all starts Thursday with Sarah J and Pacific Northwest University! Do You Know? Well you should, because I just told you! ;) We'll figure this out :)


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