Teamwork makes the dream work and at this point, that's all I'm here for :)

I am happy and I am healthy and I weigh 192. I gained back what I lost but no worries because this past week I noticed a TON of you invited me to track with you on our fitbits. We've been competing daily and though I don't crush every day I am loving the interaction with all of you.

Support is majorly important and when you can find it for free (Get It Right! Get It Tight!) makes the world a happier place.

Not going to lie this week, I didn't track every day and I almost hit my new goal of 6,700 steps each day so that's pretty cool.

The Big Game for sure added some calories. I mean Mom and I ended up celebrating for two, a plus we had bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers to eat. Negative we had bacon-wrapped shrimp filled jalapeno poppers to eat. She also made this incredible Chex mix that was all kinds of sweet and delicious. Then I headed over to my brother-in-law's house and his girlfriend, a bartender hooked me up with a delicious vodka cranberry concoction that tasted so good I went back not once or even twice. Triple time. ALMOST lost my phone, the little nephew thought it would be super fun to try and stick it down a grate. Whew and thank you, Nicole, from the bottom of my heart for stopping him mid push haha. Babies are wild. :)

There will always be reasons we can't eat how we wanted or work-out but if you can keep your mental game strong you will get back into it. It's not a cut-off everything type of weight loss it's a lifestyle change so you aren't yoyoing all over the place. That's how the weight truly keeps coming back.

So pick your favorite work-out and commit twice this week. I am heading to the gym tonight. No excuses and no reason not to enjoy some me-time.



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