This past week has been a doozy. Super busy with different events and I noticed as the week flew by I was starting to feel tired and cranky. Why? I wasn't drinking enough water.

It's pretty insane to realize that the majority of us are not hitting the base amount of water we need each day. By the time your brain is telling you, you are thirsty you have already reached dehydration so how do you fight the good fight? Drink up!

It's free :) Do you have water issues in your area? Buy yourself a filter! Find a water bottle to take with you, one that is insulated so it stays nice and cool. The average person should be drinking about 60 ounces of water a day. I can down about half that, where do you think you land?

Another reason I have felt dehydrated is my love of Pepsi has reared its head so I was curious what the scale would hold this week.

178.6! Not too shabby and like I say, slow and steady is the way to go so if you want to hop on the Get It Right! Get It Tight! Train find me on social media! :) 

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