The Central Washington State Fair begins in Yakima in just a couple of days, and last night, I got a sneak peek! It was so cool to see all of the workers setting up the rides, as well as seeing some of the animals already settling in to their new homes in pens for the next two weeks.

I was invited to "Media Night" for a special "reveal" announcement. (To be honest, they actually lured me in with the promise of some free pizza and cookies!) Turns out, the reveal was a humongous interrupting cow! (I only call it the interrupting cow because while at the media party, I was having a conversation with someone and the cow kept interrupting us with loud "moo" noises! It was hilarious!)

The new cow, Maybelle, is the latest addition in the"Fair Farm" for kids. The Fair Farm is the large agricultural educational exhibit located this year in the Valley Building. Many community leaders pitched in and donated funds to bring Maybelle to our fair. (I heard a rumor that she is worth about $5000!) You can "milk" the cow, as well as hear some cool dairy facts (and plenty of "moos"). Kids are sure to love it!

Besides Maybelle, your kids will enjoy the Fair Farm's interactive fun, including but not limited to a kid-style veterinary clinic, log cabin school, a play house, barrels of hay, rope-a-cow, play train, wagon, tricycles, a battery-operated tractor, and more!

During the speeches given by the head honchos at the Central Washington State Fair (Greg Stewart and Rob Phillips), my daughter Willow was driving around on the tractor and trying to sneak a peek behind the curtain covering up Maybelle before the big reveal! She ran up to Maybelle and figured out how to milk her.

The 2016 Central WA State Fair begins Friday, September 23rd and ends on Sunday, October 2nd. You can still purchase discounted carnival wristbands and gate admission tickets (I am all about saving money on the fair!) by calling the State Fair Box Office at (509) 248-7160 (paying by phone only) or at the physical address in person (1301 S Fair Ave). You can also get them at these Yakima-area advance sales outlet locations (Banner Banks, Coastal Farm & Ranch, Fiesta Foods, Wray’s Food & Drug, 40th Avenue AM/PM), but they are accepting cash payments only.

Make sure you stop by and take your kids to the 2016 CWSF; they will have a blast!

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