We've all heard a story or two either from a friend or the one telling the tale of a paranormal experience.

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This past weekend I saw a story about a bowling alley in Puyallup, WA that has been experiencing some paranormal activity. Since the pandemic has brought the crowds to a halt, they have been hearing odd sounds like someone bowling down lane one when no one is around! Apparently it's been going on for years, the owners who had purchased it three years ago, were the last to know!

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It got me thinking about what experiences people have had in this area. If you have a story you'd like to add please don't hesitate to message me

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During community college I used to live in an apartment building near the drive-in movie theater, near the area where Apple Valley Dental is now. One day I got home from classes and both my roommates were waiting for me. They wanted to know if I had left a candle burning because when they got home the whole place smelled like smoke. I had lit the candle in question at one point but for sure blew it out. The strange part was when I went to inspect it, the candle was melted like someone had lit it and then kept tipping it so there was wax everywhere. While we were talking about how weird it was one of those pens you can write and erase messages with rolled across the top of the refrigerator. We all heard it but there was no way it should have rolled because it had notches on it. I was convinced my roommates were messing with me and nothing ever paranormal happened again while I lived there. The summer after we moved out of the apartment I found out the entire complex had burned to the ground, the only apartment untouched was ours! #weird and also what does that mean?

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  • When my husband and I moved into our new place I knew someone was in the back of the closet when I went to check out the bedroom. I wasn't scared and even backed up and told them no worries you do what you need to do. Nada since then I do know that someone unfortunately passed away in this house, it burned to the ground. What is it with me and fire?

Check out these stories that were sent to me and the common theme with all of them is pretty wild!

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  • My Step-Mom told me about a time that their entire family woke-up to a piano playing upstairs, there was no piano and it happened more than once!
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  • My cousin mentioned that her neighbors heard piano playing when there was no piano around and also saw ghost children playing!
  • Chrystal said one time her son was hanging with his Dad, everyone was in the living room when all of a sudden his bedroom door slammed shut. When they went to open it the lights were on the tv, turned to the news which he doesn't watch with the volume on full blast. Scared the poor friend who was spending the night.
  • Chrystal has had some unexplainable things take place at her home. Every time she left the house, when she came back, all the cupboards in the kitchen were open. This happened for a year every time she went out! She says it still happens just not very often anymore. I asked what she thinks changed and she said possibly that she was showing she wasn't afraid of what was happening. Now her basement is a different story, she says it really creeps her out. Her Mother brought in someone to bless the house but that basement still gives her the heeby jeebies.
  • Jennifer said she used to live in a house on 5th Ave while she was pregnant she remembers sleeping in the back room and being woke up because she felt like she couldn't breath. She felt paralyzed and a dark figure (which looked to be a man) was standing over her. It moved slowly from being on the side of me, to the foot area. Her sister has a scarier story about that same house so hopefully in part two I will share that.

Did you know the Capitol Theatre is haunted? Ask anyone who works there, they have all experience paranormal activity by a ghost named Shorty. More to come on this business but feel free to message us with stories you have heard about this historic building in downtown Yakima or any in the area.

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I'll close with this wild story from Michelle. I wasn't aware that there's a castle in Ellensburg, were you? Check this out. Michelle lived in Ellensburg in 2000 in the “castle”— it was built in the late 1800s and was supposed to be the governors home but then fires and such changed the plans. She lived on the top floor while studying for her Masters degree. Often she would wake up and hear old piano music and hear shuffling sounds in the living room (hardwood floors- come to find out it used to be the dancehall floor). She got used to it and never felt threatened. One night around Christmas time she had a candle burning while curling up on the couch to watch a movie. She fell asleep and woke up to a woman YELLING in her ear over the back of the couch. She was shaking her and yelling “wake up”. Michelle sat straight up to get her bearings, and there was no one else there—-BUT her curtain had caught on fire. She believes she was saving her life!

More to come and I just have to ask.

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