My snack game is extra strong :) I love homestyle popcorn, chocolate-covered almonds and I have even ventured into coconut strips! :)

My uncle refers to me as "the grazer" because at family functions, I don't really use a plate. I just pick at all the goodies as I visit. Doing that can be very dangerous though because mindlessly eating tends to have you overeating. Overeating causes belly aches and bloat and to be quite honest with you, I am in it! I mean really in it.

Something I ate, or am eating has got me all kinds of rumbly belly and it's not going away. What have I been doing differently?

Snacking on coconut strips!


I did a little research and it looks like coconut could be the cause for my upset tummy! Dang, it! These suckers are not only chewy, but really yummy and I think I went too hard.

So am going to try and stay away from that and continue to chug water in hopes that my system starts flushing itself properly.

I was able to drop into 179 this week so progress is how I like it. Slow and steady.

Searching for support? Get It Right! Get It Tight! is my free support group and I would LOVE for you to join :)

Until next time. Happy eating!


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