One of the most beautiful things about cooking is the fact you can add or subtract spices to create something truly unique. I've always loved pesto eggwhite tacos but with the extra time recently I've been testing out how to take my flavor profile to the next level and I think I've found it!


1 cup Eggwhites

1 - 2 tablespoons pesto

olive oil (flavored oils are the bomb for this) I currently use shallot oil and basil-infused olive oil use for drizzling in pans for the egg scramble as well as getting those tortillas toasted to perfection

four corn tortillas

two wedges of laughing cow cheese

lettuce (I am using what I had but spring mix or even microgreens would work great)

3 or four different colored sweet peppers chopped and seeds removed

one small garlic clove minced




Salt and Pepper

red pepper flakes

Tapatio for that final kick

Scrambled Pesto Eggwhite Tacos

I'm not gonna lie, this meal can be a little juicy so be prepared to have a big plate and a few napkins but this mix has been a go-to of mine. So if you're searching for something tasty but also keeps you full and energized for hours. This is a winner of a meal.

These past two mornings I have woken up and chosen to start my day with yoga and then begin conquering tasks and I feel so much better, physically and mentally.

I'm working on feeling healthier and taking care of myself and not focusing as much on what the scale says and I hope you are finding some balance in your life.

Here are some great apps to get you moving if you're feeling stuck



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